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Pre-Approved Express Check

Get a Pre-Approved Loan with an Express Check.

Pre-approved Express Check allows you to confidently walk into the dealer with a check in hand for your next vehicle!  

Simply apply for an auto loan and check off the Pre-Approved Express Check box or ask for it when you call. You’ll receive a Pre-Approved Express Check in the mail after you’ve been approved with a maximum amount available to purchase your next vehicle.

Auto Loan Application

How to use a Pre-Approved Express Check.

  • Be prepared. Take the check with you when you shop and confidently make your deal for up to your approved amount.  
  • Take your time shopping for the right car. Checks are valid for a full 45 days from the date of your loan application.
  • Express Checks are good for a new or used vehicle. Purchase vehicles from one to seven years old at any auto dealership.
  • Spend only as much as you need. If your best deal is less than the pre-approved amount, you simply complete the Express Check for the lesser amount.
  • No payments until you use the check. Once the check has been used for a transaction, the loan department will contact you.