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Youth Accounts

Teach Them Young. Youth Accounts for Every Age.

Investing in the future of our youth is essential. Teaching them the importance of financial management and budgeting can be challenging, but with MSDFCU, you can start them towards a healthy and responsible relationship with money.
Account Type Newborn Account Dollar Dog Kids Club® CU Edge Account
Age 0-1 1-12 13-17
Goal Congratulations on your new addition! When a child enters your life, many things change fast, including your financial concerns. Give your kids a financial head start. Enroll them in MSDFCU's Dollar Dog Kids Club®. They will learn the value of saving money while having fun. Jump start your teen’s savings, especially as they approach driving age and first jobs. We will help them learn to budget and save for the important milestones in life.
Benefits We’ll celebrate the birth of a child by funding their first $5 to open the account.
  • A gift from the fun chest when making a deposit
  • They’ll receive a special Dollar Dog Membership Card
  • Games and Contests
  • Dollar Dog Kids Club website 
  • Advanced notice for special events and celebrations
  • They’ll receive a quarterly Dollar Dog Newsletter designed specifically for kids
  • Earn $1 for every final grade of A (or equivalent) through the Report Card Rewards program, up to $5 per year during the school year earned.
  • VISA® Debit Card (With parent as joint applicant on the account, limit of $500)
  • Eligible for Online Banking
  • Earn dividends
  • Elements of Money website
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Earn $1 for every A (or equivalent) received on your final report card, up to $5 per year during the school year earned.
  • Invites to special events and promotions.
Requirements/ Fees Social Security Number

$5 minimum balance is required to Open (we provide the first $5)
  • $5 minimum balance is required to Open a Dollar Dog Kids Club® Account and no service charges
  • Accounts with $50 or more earn monthly dividends
  • Parents can link their accounts to their child’s account
  • At age 13, the Dollar Dog Account will automatically be upgraded to a CU Edge Account
$5 minimum balance is required to open a CU Edge Account

At age 18, the CU Edge Account will automatically be upgraded to a regular membership account

Open an Account

Open online, stop into any branch or call (215) 996-3700 with questions.

More than just accounts, additional Youth Services.

  • Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA) Savings Accounts
  • Investment, planning and other options for long-term financial needs
  • CU Student Choice for higher education help and college loans
  • CU Edge University, is a two-part course offered periodically to teens to teach budgeting, savings and lending basics