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Personal Loans

Your all-purpose loan solution.

Use a Personal Loan for vacations, furniture, a new computer, veterinary care, dental work, legal fees, credit consolidation, or whatever you may want or need. It may be your best choice for large purchases. Personal Loans are typically lower rates than credit cards because they are term loans with fixed payments over the life of the loan and not revolving credit.

  • Members may borrow up to $75,000*
  • Repayment terms up to 84 months
  • Use eSignature and save a trip to the branch to receive your funds

Personal Loan Application

Open online, stop into any branch or call (215) 996-3700.

*The $75,000 limit is an aggregate of all unsecured loans (Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Easy-Access Line of Credit, etc.) and is based on your credit. The limit you may borrow could be less if you have other unsecured loans with MSDFCU.