Exciting news for our Bill Pay users!

We enhanced Bill Pay by adding a new tab called "Pay Bills." This tab will allow members to pay multiple bills on one page instead of going through the workflow for each bill. This enhancement will be a great time saver and simplify the bill-paying process. 

Pay Bills" (MultiPay) tab was added in the Bill Center. The payment flow has been simplified to meet users' needs who want to pay one or multiple bills more efficiently.

Key Enhancements:

  • Users can now pay all of the billers in the same payment flow, using different amounts, payment dates, and payment methods
  • Users can edit or remove payments from the flow as they wish
  • Users can create or modify AutoPay during the payment flow
  • Users can create or modify Recurring payments during the payment flow
  • Additional payment features are available under "More Options"

With the new Pay Bills tab, the "Pay Additional Billers" button has been removed from the Smart View tab.  Due to the redesigned payment flow in the new Pay Bills tab, this feature is no longer needed.