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You have questions, we have answers.

Q: Is this offering part of Amazon Prime?
A: No, this is part of the MSDFCU rewards program with Amazon without the Prime fees.

Q: Do the items ship for free?
A: Yes, all Our Amazon Store items in this catalog ship for free, although shipping times may vary.

Q: Do items ship same day or next day?
A: You can use the left-hand navigation and select either “Get It Today” or “Get It By Tomorrow.”

Q: Can you filter by category?
A: Yes. You can filter by Categories, Availability and Delivery Day.

Q: Is Instant Checkout available in Our Amazon Store?
A: Yes. You can either select Instant Checkout or Add to Cart.

Q: Are there limited quantities available in Our Amazon Store?
A: Yes. Our Amazon Store limits the quantities based on availability from Amazon.

Q: How does Our Amazon Store have my shipping information?
A: Your cardholder’s information is stored in “My Info” and can be used for shipments. In addition, you have the option to ship to friends and family by adding the Ship To address at the time of checkout. All addresses used will be added to your address book for future selection.

Q: Can you modify their shipping address during Instant Checkout?
A: No. The most recent address linked to your MSDFCU cardholder account will be used during Instant Checkout.

Q: What if it shipped to the wrong address?
A: Once the Our Amazon Store redemption has been confirmed, modifications or address updates cannot be made. There is a No Return Policy unless the item is defective; however, if the redemption has not been confirmed by Amazon, you may immediately call Award Headquarters (Award HQ) at 888-634-6318 to have it canceled.

Q: If Our Amazon Store redemption was canceled, what happens?
A: If Amazon cancels the order, then you will be notified by email and points will be returned.

Q: Can you combine redemptions for Merchandise/Travel with Our Amazon Store?
A: No. Our Amazon Store has a separate cart.

Q: Where can I view my Our Amazon Store redemptions?
A: You may view your redemptions by accessing the Point Summary, then Redeem Summary. Under the Redeem Points Detail, to view all redemptions. You may filter the “Please Select Transaction Type” by All Activities or certain redemption types.

Q: Can Amazon ship internationally?
A: Our Amazon Store can ship only to the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii), Puerto Rico and U.S. Territories, and APO/FPO addresses.

Q: Does Our Amazon Store provide tracking on redemption orders?
A: You will receive two emails: one confirming the redemption and a second when item(s) have shipped. While there is no tracking number, the email does provide an estimated delivery date. *Note: If multiple items are redeemed in one order, they may ship separately. You will receive additional emails for each shipment.

Q: What if Our Amazon Store can’t fulfill a redemption?
A: Anytime an order cannot be fulfilled, the system will automatically refund the points and notified you by email.

Q: Can a redemption order(s) be returned?
A: Our Amazon Store is non-refundable unless the item(s) are defective.

Q: Can I order multiple of the same item and return what they don’t keep?
A: No, as there is a No Return Policy. Please note this is not the same exact experience as being on Amazon’s direct site. For example, they cannot order multiple colors or sizes, keep one and then return the rest. 

Q: If the redemption item(s) is defective, how can I return it?
A: You can call Award HQ at 888-634-6318. The Customer Service Representative will ask where you would like to return the defective item(s), such as Kohl’s, Amazon locker or UPS locations. Award HQ will provide a Return Label via email. Once the item is received by Amazon, points will be refunded within 10 business days.