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About (Title Insurance)

What Is Title Insurance and Why do I need it? Title insurance is part of the homebuying process and a critical protection for you…the home owner.  When you look at the closing costs involved in processing your mortgage, you will see that Title Insurance as one of the highest expenses. Why is this?  A title company performs a very important job for you and for the mortgage company. Just like when you buy a car and your car title shows ownership, clean and clear title is important because the title is what gives you ownership of a property.

The title company also helps to facilitate the closing of your mortgage and works with each county to figure out the correct property tax figures and other costs that you will be responsible for at your closing.

Imagine buying your dream home, closing the deal and then realizing the previous owner hadn’t paid property taxes for several years. Those taxes remain charged against the property and as the new owner, you are responsible. The taxing entity could even take your home. Or perhaps two sales ago someone sold the home without getting the signature of an estranged husband who now wants to stake his claim. Perhaps the previous owner didn’t pay a contractor for some work on the home and the company put a lien against the house. You get the picture…that’s where title insurance comes in.

So in essence title work ensures you are the next true owner of the property you are buying. Your options are:

  • Lenders Title Insurance covers the amount of your mortgage only. 
  • Owners Title Insurance covers the full value of the property and stays with you until you sell your property.

    -  While owner’s title insurance is optional, we strongly recommend it!