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Midwest Loan Services (MLS)

Midwest Loan Services (MLS) is our payment servicing group. They will process and record your monthly mortgage payments as well as maintain your escrow account to insure your property taxes and homeowner's insurance are paid on time. They are our full service company and are just a phone call or click away to answer any of your payment questions. When you are ready to celebrate the final payoff of your mortgage, they will provide all payoff instructions to ensure a smooth closure to your mortgage.

Choose the way you want to pay!

Once your loan is closed and processed, you will receive a Welcome Packet from Midwest. That packet will contain payment options and instructions on how to register. Here are some of the options you can choose from...

  • Regular Monthly Payments
  • Bi-Weekly Payments (pay every 2 weeks to reduce your balance and pay off your mortgage quicker)
  • Semi Monthly Payments (pay half of your mortgage payment on the 1st and the other half on the 15th of the month)
  • Paperless Billing; we strongly encourage this option - Go Green!

Principal only payments can be made after your regular monthly mortgage payment is made, you can make additional payments to principal to reduce your balance and pay off your mortgage quicker.

Of course you can always bring your payments to any branch of the Merck Sharp & Dohme FCU for processing.