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Checking/Money Market Account Agreement

I/We hereby authorize the Merck Sharp & Dohme Federal Credit Union to establish a special share account for me/us to be known as a Checking/Money Market Account. The Credit Union is authorized to pay checkings by me (or by any of us, if this agreement is signed by more than one person) and to charge the payments against the checking account. It is agreed that:

(a) Only checking/money market blanks and other methods approved by the Credit Union may be used to withdraw funds from the Checking Account;

(b) The Credit Union is under no obligation to pay a checking which exceeds the fully paid and collected balance in the checking/money market account; the Credit Union may, however, pay such a checking/money market and transfer shares to this account in the amount of the resulting overdraft, plus a service charge, from any other share account from which any of the undersigned is then eligible to withdraw shares;

(c) The Credit Union may pay a checking/money market on whatever day it is presented, notwithstanding the date (or any limitation on the time of payment) appearing on the draft;

(d) Except for negligence, the Credit Union is not liable for any action it takes regarding the payment or nonpayment of a checking/money market;

(e) Any objection respecting any item shown on a monthly statement of this account is waived unless made in writing to the Credit Union before the end of 60 days after the statement is mailed;

(f) The checking/money market account shall be subject to service charges in accordance with the rate schedules adopted by the Credit Union from time to time;

(g) The use of the checking/money market account is subject to such other conditions and requirements as the Credit Union may establish from time to time; and

(h) If signed by more than one person, this agreement is subject to the additional terms and conditions of any joint share account agreement that applies to a share account in our joint names.