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VISA Gift & Reloadable Cards

Gift Cards, Make Gift Giving Easy!

Our gift card works like a traditional credit card at any merchant that accepts VISA®. These cards are the perfect choice for members who want versatile, convenient alternatives in gift giving without having to guess what their intended recipient may like, while recipients have the freedom to choose what they spend their gift on.

Gift Card Features:

  • Amounts ranging from $20 to $500
  • Safer than sending cash
  • Gift cards can be used anywhere that Visa cards are accepted*
  • Access your account online or by phone
  • Replacement protection if the card is lost or stolen (keep your card agreement and card number)

You can purchase a VISA Gift Card by visiting any of our branch locations.
Discounts for my Advantage members. *Certain restrictions apply. 

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VISA Reloadable Cards.

Purchase reloadable cards in amounts ranging from $25 to $1,000.  There are three options to choose from:

  1. Reloadable General Purpose Cards - online or in branch

    These prepaid debit cards can be reloaded over and over again as needed. By using the card, you can avoid overspending, since the card has a preset amount. It also offers peace of mind from the risks associated with using personal credit or debit cards for online shopping. Check a Balance or Purchase a Reloadable Card online, or visit any one of our branch locations. 
    Order or Register a Reloadable General Purpose Card

  2. Reloadable Student Cards - order online

    Have a student in your family who needs you to send money? Instead of making special trips to the Credit Union, mailing checks or transferring funds, use this card. Student cards can be reloaded with immediate access to funds and can have ATM access, creating a continual spending tool for the student while allowing parents to see where the money is actually being spent. Student cards allow the card's life to extend throughout the entire school year and beyond, promoting self-sufficient budgeting and spending by allowing students to see where their funds are going. 
    Order or Register a Reloadable Student Card

  3. Reloadable Travel Cards - order online

    For family vacations, these cards allow you to divvy out spending money to individual family members, eliminating the risk of overspending. Once allocated funds are spent, additional funds can be loaded via the phone or web. Parents can monitor where kids are spending their vacation money. For business travel, these cards allow companies and individuals to limit spending to predetermined amounts appropriate for the trip. Yet, they afford the flexibility to provide additional spending when needed. Cards can be reloaded with immediate access to funds and can have ATM access, creating a continual spending tool for travelers.
    Order or Register a Reloadable Travel Card

Check out our VISA Gift Card and Reloadable Card comparison chart for more information.

View our VISA Gift Card Terms and Conditions.