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Member Services

As a member, you can enjoy additional services and benefits.

Direct Deposit is the easy way to have funds deposited directly to your account. It’s safer than the mail and you can access funds immediately instead of waiting to deposit a check. Check with your payroll department to see if your paycheck can be direct deposited. Merck & Co. employees may choose Direct Deposit by using the Merck's online tool to open or change direct deposit. If you receive government checks, you can have them deposited as well. Information on how to set up direct deposit for social security and other government checks is available at Go Direct. You will need your account number and our routing (ABA) number (231386645) to set up direct deposits to your account, regardless of where you originate them.

Coin Counters are available in our Lansdale, Chalfont, Harleysville and Quakertown Branches at no charge to members. Non-members may use the coin counters for a low fee.

Notary Services are available at no cost to members. Call ahead 215-996-3700 to confirm a notary is available.

Medallion Signatures are available at no cost to members. Call ahead 215-996-3700 to confirm available times and locations.

Member discounts
 are available through our Love My Credit Union program.

Savings Bonds: MSDFCU does not charge to redeem bonds for members. Saving bonds are no longer sold at any financial institution. They are only available online. Electronic savings bonds can be purchased through You will need to have an account with them. Existing paper bonds will still be valid and will earn interest for 30 years from the issue date or until redeemed.

You can also find a variety of topics related to finances in the Resource Center.