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Courtesy Pay

Overdraft Protection.

This service may allow us to pay an item presented for payment against your Checking Account even if it causes the account to become overdrawn. It is an added layer of safety, should you accidentally write checks for more than you have in your account.

There are many benefits to you with this service, including:

  • Saves you from the embarrassment of returned checks
  • Saves you from merchant returned check charges
  • Protects your good credit rating
  • Saves you from collection agency fees

We require no application or additional signatures from you to add this safety measure to your Checking Account; however you may opt into or out of this service at any time by contacting us at (215) 996-3700. Should your account become overdrawn and you have this service, you will be charged for each transaction for which we cover regardless of the amount. We cover items up to a total amount of $1,000. There may be multiple fees incurred in a single day, so it is always best to keep your check ledger current and avoid fees. Upon using Courtesy Pay, you will have 14 days to bring your account current. To allow this service for your Debit Card purchases, you must opt into or out of the service. Simply complete the form and return it to MSDFCU with your option selected.