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Credit at the speed of wow.

Introducing Tap, a personal line of credit that gives you instant access to funds up to a maximum of $75,000.1

Use it for anything you need—and everything you want. Tap a little for small emergencies. Tap a lot for new home projects or globetrotting vacations. It’s the smart (and incredibly easy) way to borrow. And if you accidentally overdraw your MSDFCU checking account, Tap is right there to automatically cover the overdrawn amount—without the hassle of dealing with an overdraft fee or the inconvenience of having a debit card purchase declined.
Accessing these funds couldn’t be easier. You’ll use your account as normal, whether it’s a check, online banking transfer or an in-branch withdrawal. You can even apply to withdraw funds from your Tap line of credit via ATMs. And just like a credit card, you pay the balance over time. As the balance is paid down, the amount available to you increases.

The perks of Tap are many:

  • There is no annual or monthly fee
  • Maximum line amounts up to $75,0001
  • Borrow in increments of $100
  • Automatically covers overdrafts to your MSDFCU checking account
  • Variable APR lower than most credit cards— view current rate here

Since it is a line of credit, as you pay off the loan each month, the funds become available to you again – similar to a credit card. 

Apply to Tap today   and experience credit at the speed of wow.

Open online, stop into any branch or call (215) 996-3700.

1The $75,000 limit is an aggregate of all unsecured loans (Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Tap Line of Credit, etc.) and is based on your credit. The limit you may borrow could be less if you have other unsecured loans with MSDFCU. 

Offer subject to change or withdrawal without prior notice.