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Easy-Access Line of Credit

Easy-Access Line of Credit - Overdraft protection.

This convenient, personal loan saves you the worry of having funds available for your everyday purchases. It’s the easiest way to access funds when you need them. It can be linked to your Checking Account so when you write a check or use your Visa debit card for purchases, the funds are withdrawn automatically from the Easy-Access Line of Credit.

  • Use increments of $100 to cover the purchase instead of overdrafting
  • Transfers and withdrawals can be made through Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Telephone Banking, or by contacting us
  • You can transfer or withdraw any amount up to your loan limit
  • The maximum line is $75,000
  • Competitive rates, usually lower than credit card rates

Since it is a line of credit, as you pay off the loan each month, the funds become available to you again – similar to a credit card. 

Easy-Access Line of Credit Application

Open online, stop into any branch or call (215) 996-3700.

*The $75,000 limit is an aggregate of all unsecured loans (Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Easy-Access Line of Credit, etc.) and is based on your credit. The limit you may borrow could be less if you have other unsecured loans with MSDFCU.