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Help Center: Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions, We Have Answers.

If you can't find the answer you need in the below sections, contact our member call center at 215-996-3700 and speak to someone who can help. Or visit our other Help Center pages; Videos and How-To.


  • What is ClickSWITCH?

  • How does ClickSWITCH work?

  • Is ClickSWITCH secure?

  • Who do I contact if I need help setting up my switches or if I have questions?

  • How do I log in and get started?

  • Where do I get a SwitchTRACK code?

  • My SwitchTRACK code isn’t working; what should I do?

  • What do I need to start my switch?

  • What is an automatic payment?

  • What is a direct deposit?

  • How long will it take for me to submit a switch request?

  • Once a switch has been submitted, when does a company receive the information?

  • How long will it take for my switch to be complete?

  • Do I need to call my billers and depositors to confirm the switch?

  • Why do I need to enter my billing account number or other specific information?

  • Which address should I use for my biller and depositor?

  • What if I don’t have the information required to submit a switch?

  • How do I know if my payment or deposit has been switched?

  • What if I forget to include an automatic payment or direct deposit when submitting my switches?

  • What if my switch isn’t completed and I miss a payment?

  • When is it safe to move/remove funds from my prior account?

  • One of my switches has an “Action Needed” status. What does this mean?

  • Will I be notified of any switch updates?

  • What is Switch Assist?

  • Can I use ClickSWITCH to switch my bill payments?

  • I’m having technical difficulties. Who should I contact?

Credit Sense

  • What is SavvyMoney?

  • Is SavvyMoney Credit Score an actual credit report?

  • Is there a fee?

  • How often is my credit score updated?

  • Can I request a free credit report from SavvyMoney?

  • How does the SavvyMoney Credit Score differ from other credit scoring offerings?

  • Why do credit scores differ?

  • Will MSDFCU use SavvyMoney Credit Score to make loan decisions?

  • Will SavvyMoney share my credit score with MSDFCU?

  • How does SavvyMoney Credit Score keep my financial information secure?

  • If the Credit Union doesn’t use SavvyMoney Credit Score to make loan decisions, why do we offer it?

  • What if the information provided by SavvyMoney Credit Score appears to be wrong or inaccurate?

  • There is a section on the site that features both MSDFCU product offers and financial education articles. Why am I seeing this?

  • Will accessing SavvyMoney Credit Score ‘ping’ my credit and potentially lower my credit score?

  • Can I get a copy of my credit report from SavvyMoney too?

  • Does SavvyMoney offer credit report monitoring as well?

  • How do Members change their email address or other personal information?

FAQ-Card Rewards

FAQ-Cards Management

FAQ-Mobile App

FAQ-Mobile Deposits

  • How does Mobile Deposit work?

  • When will my mobile deposit funds be available?

  • How can I find images of the checks that I have deposited?

FAQs-Bill Pay

  • Is there anything I need to do now that the enhanced Bill Pay service is live?

  • Do you have any Pre-Upgrade helpful hints?

  • Will my payees, scheduled payments, and payment history transfer to the new Bill Pay service?

  • Will my eBills transfer over to the new Bill Pay Service?

  • How Do I Enroll My eBills?

  • Will the timing of my payments change?

  • Why am I seeing- Payee Verification Messaging?

  • What happens to my AutoPay Setup?

  • Who Can I Pay With Bill Pay?

  • What's an eBill?

  • What is the time a Bill Payment must be setup to go out the same day?

  • Can days are bill payments are processed.


  • Why is Digital Banking changing?

  • What Will Change in the New Upgraded Platform?

  • When is the Upgrade Happening?

  • What Do I Need to Do to Be Prepared?

  • Will I Need to Update My Mobile App?

  • How Do I Know if I'm the Primary or Joint Account Owner?

  • I am a Joint Owner and Currently Share My Username and Password. Will I Get to Register Myself Now?

  • Is Bill Pay Changing?

  • What Will Be My Money Transfer Options?

  • How Do I Transfer to Another MSDFCU member?

  • How Do I Transfer to My Account at Another Institution?

  • What's a FICO Credit Score?

  • Can I change or add nicknames on my accounts?

  • Will my alerts be updated?

  • For account to account transfers what is the deadline for a same day transfer?

  • What are the cutoff times for Person 2 Person same day transactions?

  • If you have scheduled external MSDFCU credit card transfers


  • First-time login, After Upgrade

  • User Name & Password Requirements

  • Registration Process

  • First Time User Login


FAQs-Tech Info

  • Browser Support

  • Device Support